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It’s Time To Lose Some Weight

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Last night I had a dream that I was weighing in. For what, I don’t know? When I looked down at the scale it showed a very low weight, a weight I hadn’t seen since high school. Then when I looked again the scale was spinning out of control and when it stopped, my weight doubled. The strange thing is, I was happy with the weight that it stopped on because it was less than 200 lbs. (not mentioning the actual numbers because someone will go play cash 3 today). When I looked up the meaning of my dream or the meaning of a scale because that’s all I saw, it’s symbolic of great pride (Job 41:15). Now, that was hard for me to see because I personally didn’t think of myself as a prideful woman. Evidently, God saw something in me and told me that I needed to lose some weight.  Now this is not a physical weight issue, this is a spiritual weight issue. Although I have let go of some things in my life that had me weighed down, God says there is still more that needs to be cut away in order for Him to do the work in me. So, I need to lose some weight! I can’t be content of how far I have come because there is more that needs to be done. I need to lose some weight.

What kind of weight am I talking about?  We are weighed down by past pains, too many people in our inner circle, unforgiveness, stress, unnecessary bills, toxic relationships, and the worst of them all SELF! We can’t do the work of the Lord weighed down. We can’t get our breakthroughs because we can’t shift when God tells us to shift because we are so weighed down.  Our life depends on it! Our legacy for our children and our children’s children depends on it! Our ministry depends on it! What is weighing you down? It’s time to lose some weight!

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