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That's Your Portion

Wednesday night I wasn't feeling the best and I began to think about all the things I had been going through the past few years and it made me believe that God had forgotten about me. I was being reminded that year after year I had been in and out of the hospital or going back and forth to the ER for something. Like sickness would not leave me alone! I began to write: 2016- Surgery,

2017- ER visit,

2018- ER visit,

2019- Surgery,

2020- Covid/5 days in hospital/escaped death,

2021- After Conference, more medical issues,

2022- Surgery/blood clots/escaped death, not to mention all the things that was going on with my husband during this time as well. I looked at my list and the Holy Spirt began to speak, "This is not your portion." I began thanking God because the enemy wants us to believe that everything that is going on wrong with us or around us is our portion. But I am reminded in Lamentations 3:24, Jeremiah stated, "I say, “The Lord is my portion, therefore I will put my hope in him.” Jeremiah had to change his focus and declare to what he knew about God and His promises. He knew that God would never leave him nor forsake him. Jeremiah knew that bondage, pain, and poverty was not his portion for himself nor his people.

When you say that the Lord is your portion you are saying God is your inheritance, your allotment, your source and in Jeremiah's case, hope. Jakelyn Carr's song My Portion says that failure, sickness, poverty is not your portion. You have to embrace the promise. What is the promise? Good news is your portion. Good health is your portion. Abundance is your portion. Restoration is your portion. Deliverance is your portion. Grace and mercy is your portion. Increase is your portion. Healing is your portion. Embrace the promises of God because that is your portion.

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