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Letting Go Of The Child Within

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Have you ever had a child to tug on you to get your attention? They will tug and tug and sometimes call your name until you answer. This is what hidden wounds will do. No matter how much you try to bury it; it’s still there. No matter how many times to try to forget it; it’s still there. No matter how much you try to move forward…it’s still there tugging until you answer. I Remember is the journey of a woman remembering her past, forgiving her present, and letting go of the little girl within to save her future. I Remember will take you on a journey of uncovering masked wounds to reveal the undiscovered you by coming face to face with your truths. Christine draws scripture to reveal how remembering, forgiving, and letting go set individuals free to reach their full potential by facing TRUTH, to release the power that is within.

I Remember…Memoirs of A Child Remembering, Forgiving, and Letting Go To Be Set Free is my personal journey with throwing out unforgiving and bring in forgiveness in my life. I never knew how broken I was until I looked at the pieces. The pieces of my life that continue to break into smaller pieces and was affecting my whole being. My relationship with my children, my husband, my father, and most Heavenly Father. I realized through this journey that I could not be used if I am broken. So I had to find my wholeness to begin my healing process by facing my truths; revealing all the dirty little secrets.

This little girl inside of me continued to carry and remind me of the anger, hate, abandonment, and un-forgiveness that I had hidden in my heart. God continued to whisper, “I cannot use you.” I had to realize the forgiveness was not for the other person, but for me. Just think about it, If God needed you, but could not use you then I am really messed up!

I had to put all of my feelings on paper and leave it there. With no regrets! We all have a purpose driven life, but to reach our full potential we must come face to face with truth. As we get ready to start a new year, let’s throw out the old and bring in the new with a new attitude, a new smile, a new you; Forgive!

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