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Food For Thought

Food For Thought was birthed during a time when employees and leaders of the company where I was employed did not feel worthy, valued, or appreciated. I had to find a way to reach the employees without touching them physically but spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. I have found that too many businesses are too busy building sales and not building people. Companies are more concerned with numbers and not the people. We must get back to the basics of investing in people and people will invest in our businesses.

Published July 21, 2015

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Published June 20, 2017

I Remember...

Have you ever had a child tug on you to get your attention? They will tug and tug and sometimes call your name until you answer. This is what hidden wounds will do. No matter how much you try to bury it, it’s still there. No matter how many times you try to forget it, it’s still there. No matter how much you try to move forward, it’s still there, tugging until you answer. “I Remember” is the journey of a woman remembering her past, forgiving her present, and letting go of the little girl within to save her future. “I Remember” will take you on a journey of uncovering masked wounds to reveal the undiscovered you by coming face to face with your truths. Christine draws scripture to reveal how remembering, forgiving, and letting go set individuals free to reach their full potential by facing truth to release the power that is within.

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Forgiveness is Greater cover.PNG

Published June 9, 2021

Forgiveness is Greater

From Stage Play to Publication! Forgiveness Is Greater are seven stories, from seven different people, with seven different backgrounds, but they all share the same hurt; childhood trauma caused by sexual abuse. Although they are all adults now, they still have a little boy or little girl trapped inside from their past. How will they ever be whole? How will they ever get passed the pain? The bitterness? The hate? The unforgiveness? By focusing on one thing, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to things which are ahead (Phil.3:13). Each one reaches back to tell their story and each one comes face to face with their truth; it’s time to let it go and be set free. No more being stuck in pain, but free to live, to love, and to forgive, but you have to press pass the pain. Christine George reminds you that you may remember the things other people did to you but you can’t stay there, in that time when it happened; as that person who it happened to; you have to press toward a higher calling God has for you even if it hurts and even if they do not deserve it.

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Amir Changes the World

Bullying has put Amir in a place where he no longer wanted to go to school because of how his classmates were treating him. No More Bullying! is what Amir screamed after being bullied for the last time. He was tired of the name calling and the feeling of never being enough. Today Amir did something different, he stood up for himself and remembered what his grandmother taught him. Bullying affects everyone, including the one who bullies and the one who watches. So instead of being mean back, Amir changed his attitude. He changed his surroundings. Most of all Amir changed his world.

Published July 31, 2022

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