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What Are You Preparing For?

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

On Monday night, I walked into the bedroom where my husband was sleeping and I saw the TV watching my husband (lol). I sat down and Bull was on. I never really have watched it, only saw previews. It was about 9:55 and the show was about to go off. Jason Bull played by Michael Weatherly was defending a priest who was on trial for the hit and run murder of a woman. From what I saw of the show,  a young man was confessing on the witness stand to the crime. The prosecutor stood up and dropped all charges against the priest and charged the young man with the murder of the woman.

The priest was standing outside of the courthouse gazing into the sky when Jason Bull stands beside him. The priest said, “I  should have plead guilty.”  Jason Bull was shocked and asked, “Why? You didn’t do it. You would have gone to prison.” The priest said, “I know, but  I would not have be alone. I’m never alone.” With envy in his eyes, Jason Bull said, “I am envy of you.” The priest looked at Bull with surprise, “You are envy of me!” Bull then told his story about when he was in front a courthouse and was having a heart attack and nobody was concern about him and when he looked in the sky he just saw the blue sky. No light, no presence of anyone. He said, “I was alone.” The priest of course offered him to come to the church because they could always use a helping hand. Jason Bull looked at the priest without hesitating,”Nah. I have a problem getting up early on Sunday’s to go to church.” The priest then said, “You know you going to hell, right?” Bull said, “Yep, got my suite ready.” My question to you is, What are you preparing for?

This priest was willing to give up his freedom to go to jail for someone else because he knew that God would be with him. Jason Bull was not willing to give a few more minutes of sleep to make room for God and was not willing to make a change. We make room for everything else, but God! This is not just about going to church. Are we praying? Are we reading His word? Are we helping people?

Jonathan McReynolds has a song called Make Room. It’s a beautiful worship song.  His first line of the song says, ” I find space for what I treasure” ( Matthew 6:21). What do you treasure more than God? Hate, unforgiveness, lust of your flesh, lust of your eyes,  material things, social media, pride? Are you doing things that are not pleasing to God that will hinder you from His presence?What things we need to move over, better yet; move out, throw out, to fill it with God?

I don’t want God to feel like that I don’t have room for Him. The priest was prepared to go wherever he needed to be for God and Bull was, well; he was preparing for something, but not God.  Just know, whatever you are making room for is what you are prepared for (John 14:3).

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