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Unclaimed Baggage

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

After speaking with a young lady on yesterday and as I walked away from her, all I could think of was “unclaimed baggage.” I looked up the word unclaimed baggage and just the word baggage so I could get a clear definition of why this was in my mind. The definition that I came up with is: misdirected or left behind past experiences or long held ideas regarded as burdens and impediments. What unclaimed baggage(s) are your carrying around?

We often think of traveling from one place to another by way of airline, railway, or ship when the words unclaimed baggage is used but never in a sense of a person carrying around unclaimed baggage. Those unclaimed baggage are those things that you misdirected or left behind or even forgotten to pick up. So they sit there year after year waiting to be claimed, unpacked, and stored in its rightful place. I don’t’ know why we feel that not claiming the baggage will make it go away. So we carry that unclaimed baggage from relationship to relationship thinking that person is going to complete you and then you realize they have unclaimed baggage too! Even ignoring it or forgetting about it does not solve the problem. But guess what? Something happens in your life that  makes you remember that baggage that you left, you forgot about, unclaimed and you have to pull it out and you have to deal with it.

Unclaimed baggage can be unforgiveness, abandonment issues, abuse, low self esteem, daddy issues, etc.  Basically, anything that impedes your life from moving forward. You can’t move forward if you do not want to deal with your baggage.  My unclaimed baggage impeded my life from being a better wife, mother, and friend, but now it’s stored in it’s rightful place in Jesus. I had to learn to forgive and I learned forgiveness is greater than anything that I have endured in my life. I claimed my baggage. It’s time you claim yours. I challenge every mother (since it’s Mother’s day weekend) this year to send a message to the world and make a statement but most of all become better in you! #nomoreunclaimedbaggage!

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