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Broken Crayons Can Still Color

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

I recently attended a 3000 Women Stand/ Fight To Win Women’s Conference in Huntsville, AL hosted by Bishop Mattie McComb-Gaines.  I was invited to come not only to be blessed by the speakers, but also to be a vendor to sell my books.  Many prophetesses and other leaders within the body of Christ were in the building: Sister Angela Davis, Prophetess Tanya Drake, Prophetess Cecelia Holt, and Prophetess Barbara Lewis and I could go on and on. These women of God were so full of the Holy Spirit, their presence, their testimonies, and their walk literally shook the foundation of the church! Women were crying out to God for healing and deliverance. It was touch I had never experienced before.

On the last day of the conference, Bishop Gaines allowed some of the women to give their testimonies.  Prophetess Barbara Lewis began to give her testimony and as she began to speak, her demeanor changed a little. As I was looking at her, I realized that she was entering into her secret place that no one really knew was there. No one really knew what she endured and no one really knew what she was dealing with. As she was speaking as a grown woman, all I could see was the little girl coming out of her.  From my experience, when you enter into a secret place in your heart, it will take you back to the day it happen. She asked a question that was so profound that I could not stop thinking about it. She asked, “How many of you know that broken crayons can still color?” My mind immediately went to when I was a little girl and my teacher would bring around a box of broken crayons. I don’t care what anyone says, no one wanted to color with those broken crayons. Now I have heard this statement many times, but I never felt the statement.  I never identified with the statement, but as Prophetess Lewis was speaking, I realized I was a broken crayon too!

Broken crayons can still color means in-spite of everything that you have done or have been through you still have purpose and value. How many of you know God does not waste your pain! As I looked in admiration that she shared her story as I wrote about mine, that many of the women who were at the conference were broken crayons but didn’t know it. Broken crayons take a little more work to use because you have to peel back the paper a little to get to the crayon. Think about it, you have to peel back the paper in order to be used. You have to peel back the layers of your life that hurt you the most, that broke you down, and left you useless. At least that’s what the enemy wants you to believe…that you are useless.

I had to peel back the paper in my life to write the book I Remember.  Peeling back the paper means that you are revealing more of yourself to be used.  Peeling back everything that is holding you down where you can’t color.  I had to peel back remembering those secret places of abuse, molestation, hate, resentment, and bitterness. I had to peel back unforgiveness! I had to peel back and let go to be used.

So are you ready to peel back the paper? Because broken crayons can still color

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