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Too Precious

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

On last Friday, I went to my scheduled bi-weekly hair appointment as usual. This day was like any other day going to my hairdresser. Meaning, I know when I get there we are going to talk about the Lord. I know this is not normal for many, but for me and my hairdresser, this is normal. Anyway, when I got there, one client was getting her finishing curls done to her hair, there was one waiting to get in the chair, and then me. Also, God had been dealing with me because I had been slothful about scheduling an event that he has put in my spirit to do.  While walking in the door I was calling a potential location and inquiring about their facility. After I got off the phone, my hairdresser, Mrs. Deborah Bradley (the best hairdresser around), told me to come on around because they were discussing the Lord.

The client she was curling had left. So she began to work on the younger client who looked to be in her early 20’s and we had seen each other several times before.  We were still conversing back and forth about the good things of God. About an hour or so later  she was curling my hair when Ms. Shelia, my hairdresser’s mother, walked in.  I call her my biggest supporter outside of my family.  She began to talk about my books and we began laughing because she is so passionate about sharing how helpful my books are to people. So she told the young lady, “If you hadn’t gotten her books. You need to get them because they will help you.”  The young lady looked at me and said, “You the one that wrote the book.” I said, “Yes.” She said, “My momma gave me that book…” What happened next was too precious. The young lady began to cry and tell me that I did not understand how much my book helped her. So, everyone in the shop was crying and I stood up and embraced her like she was my own daughter.

This story is too precious because I had been slothful and I questioned was all this worth it. This story is too precious because I needed a sign from God to keep pushing forward.  This story is too precious because I did not see the true value of how much telling my truth was really helping someone else to be set free. This story is too precious because God confirmed everything that I had been feeling for months.  So don’t give up on your purpose because you don’t see it yet, just stay focused on God and He will send you a too precious moment to remind of who you are in Him.

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