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Tell The Truth

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

For the past few weeks, “Stop turning God’s truth into a lie or God is going to turn us over to a reprobate mind,” has been in my mind (Romans 1:25-32). Not sure why, but it has bothered me day after day. Well yesterday, my husband and I decided to watch Family Feud because it was celebrity week.  Now, we don’t normally watch game shows, but it was something different. After Family Feud, then $100,000 Pyramid  and last but not least, Tell the Truth with Anthony Anderson as the host.  That show really caught my eye because of what had been in my mind for the last few weeks.

On the show, they had three contestants, two are imposters and the other one is the real deal. For instance, the guests had to figure out who was the real monster truck driver out of a male, an older woman and a beautiful younger woman. They all had on the same attire to look like the real deal, but two were lying and only one was telling the truth. Now, the guy was probably the obvious pick because he is a man. The older woman really knew her wrenches and she really made each one of the guests believe she was the monster truck driver. Then, the beautiful younger woman was not on the radar because she was cute and did not look like she was a monster struck so no of the guests chose her. Guess what, the beautiful younger woman was the monster truck driver.  As I watched the game show, I realize this is not a game. It’s the truth!

In the book of Romans the message is very clear. Because we choose to worship and serve the creature more than the creator, because we have chosen to live an alternative lifestyle that is accepted by the world but not by God, because we choose not to retain God in our knowledge, God is turning us over to do the things that we should not do. GOD IS REJECTING US!!! He’s going to uncover and reveal those imposters and place judgment on them.  No more turning His truth into a lie and He is going to find those who will choose to Tell The Truth. Those who will choose Him.

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