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Diamonds and Pearls

Have you experienced a lot more pressure than normal lately? Do you feel like you are about blow? Give Up? Throw in the towel? Don't! Your breakthrough is right around the corner. Beautiful things are formed when pressure is applied. Anytime pressure is applied, something has to come out of it.

Now I know you probably thought I was talking about Prince's song, Diamonds and Pearls, right? But seriously, lately it has been very stressful on my job and I have become short tempered and impatient. I have been about to blow! Then, it carries over into my home life. So I had to really step back and think about what was really going on with me. What was really happening that I could not see with the naked eye. So, I looked up two things diamonds and pearls.

Natural diamonds are formed when there is a crystallized carbon structure that is formed beneath the earth's surface over millions (or sometimes billions) of years under the perfect conditions of heat and pressure. The diamonds are brought to the surface during natural events (like volcanic eruptions) and then mined from the land. The word ‘diamond’ itself comes from a Greek origin meaning unbreakable (Grant Mobley-diamond expert).

Natural pearls, often called an Oriental pearl, forms when an irritant works its way into a particular species of oyster, mussel, or clam. As a defense mechanism, the mollusk secretes a fluid to coat the irritant. Layer upon layer of this coating is deposited on the irritant until a lustrous pearl is formed (JT Thomas-Jeweler). The pearl is a symbol of perfection and incorruptibility.

We only see the beautiful diamond or pearl, but no one wants to talk about what they had to go through to become beautiful. So when pressure is added in your life and you feel like everything is erupting around you or everything is irritating you, something beautiful is about to happen or something is about to come out of you that had to be pressured or irritated. What you are going through had to happen around you and to you in order for You to come to the surface and bring beauty to the land. Although what you are going through has you in a place of discomfort, I need to remind you that ...You are unbreakable! You are resilient! You are perfect! You are everlasting! You got this! Because you are a diamond or a pearl that the world has been waiting on.

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