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It Is Time To Leap

The other day while at home, I began to think about two words; barrier and excuse. Barrier is defined as a fence or other obstacle that prevent movement or access. Excuse is defined as a reason or explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault or an offense. One you can't do because there is something physically, mentally, or emotionally preventing you from doing so. While the other you can do, but you find a reason to prevent, defend, or justify why you can't do so. I said all this to say, it's time to leap.

As I think about this, I realize that some of us have made our temporary barriers life long excuses. One might have a barrier of not having transportation to get to a destination, but let's not make it an excuse to why you can't do anything at all like find a job so that you can purchase a vehicle. One might have a financial barrier to why they cannot start the business right now, but don't allow that to be an excuse to never start the business.

I am reminded of Moses and his excuses. Moses had five excuses of why he could not do what God asked him to do. Of course he had barriers, but he was more focused on himself of why he couldn't do it instead of focusing on the one who asked. There was a reason behind the asking, God knew Moses could do it. Moses' reasons were, I am not adequate enough, I don't have authority to be Isarel's deliverer, no one would believe me, I do not speak well, and that I am unqualified. All of these were true, but God do not want you to focus on what you can't do, but what He can do. He just want us to leap. In leaping you believe that with God all things are possible therefore, I am adequate enough, I do have authority, I can speak well, and I am qualified.

When I realized that is a leap year, a sense of urgency has been upon me to tell everyone it is time to leap! Don't worry about what you can't do, do it anyway. This only comes around every 4 years. You have one more day! For some of us, that's all you need is one more day. One more chance. One more step. One more opportunity. Leap is defined as a jump, to spring a long way, to a great height, or with great force. To leap you have to be intentional. To leap you have to make an effort. To leap you have to focus. To leap there must be a push to do what you are purposed to do.

This year in 2024 we must jump and spring to great heights with great force to reach our destinations or purpose. No more barriers or excuses will hinder what God has already ordained for us to do. Come on put on your running shoes, push off, throw your head back, and LEAP!

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