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Do It Again

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

On Wednesday around 4:00 pm. while still at work, I was led to start meditating for Sunday service. As I was meditating, I kept hearing the lyrics to one of Tye Tribbett's songs ringing in my ear, "If He did it before, He can do it again," over and over in my head. I couldn't shake it. Then it was just the last three words; do it again, do it again, do it again. So I started googling scriptures about do it again. I looked in all versions, KJV, NKJV, ESV, etc. Then I found the scripture that did it for me in Luke chapter one verse twenty-five in the MSG(Message version). I got in my car to go home and within minutes as I was driving a song by Anthony Brown and Group Therapy was on which was called DO IT AGAIN! I cannot make this stuff up. God was speaking to me in every way possible.

Let me give you a little background on this scripture. Zachariah and Elizabeth was in their old age and an angel appeared and reassured Zachariah that his wife Elizabeth will bear a son for him. Doesn't this sounds so familiar? In the book of Genesis, God did this same thing for Abraham and Sarah. I've always heard about how God blessed Abraham and Sarah with their son Isaac in their old age, but I never heard about how God did it again for Zachariah and Elizabeth with their son John in their old age. Say, Do it again God.

What really got me was in chapter one verse twenty-five. After Elizabeth conceived she went off by herself for five months relishing in her pregnancy. Relish means to enjoy greatly. She said in verse twenty-five, "So, this is how God acts to remedy my unfortunate condition!" She knew her situation was considered unlucky, a misfortune, something that cannot be helped or even curable, which made her an unfortunate victim or she was in an unfortunate situation where there was no happy ending. In other words, her impossible condition does not have a possible solution. This is how many of us are feeling right now. Whatever your situation or condition is, tell God to do it again. There is nothing you are going through that has not happened before and that God does not have a remedy for. You need to get in your prayer closet and tell God to do it again for you! Diagnosed with a sickness, your health declining and about to lose everything you have? Read the entire book of Job. Do it again! Lost your job? God is about to bless you with a better job or even a better position at the same place. Read Daniel chapter 6. Do it again! You have a lost child to the world? Read the about prodigal son in Luke chapter 15. Do it again! You have a love one dealing with mental illness and your faith is being tested? Read Mark chapter 9. Tell God to Do it again! Just know there is nothing too hard for God because if He did it before, God will do it again.

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