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In This Season…It Won’t Work

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

On November 14th I had a dream and I had been trying to get this dreamed posted to my blog since then but didn’t have time or forgot. This is the last Friday of the year and I understand why God saw fit for me to post it today.

That night I had dreamed that I had walked into a bank and shortly after I got in the bank, a female woman burst into the bank to rob it. Everyone got down on the floor and the robber proceeded to demand the money from everyone and I had refused and was knocked down. After the woman was finished robbing the bank, she ran out of the door. I walked to the glass door and saw the robber began to get weak and start falling to the ground.  She only got a few feet away from the bank. Then I saw another person come and steal the money from the robber that robbed the bank and they too fell to the ground.  Shortly after the second thief fell to the ground, the police arrived and took both of them away.

My message to you today is, although we may have opened the door to the enemy and given him legal authority into our homes, our finances, and into our relationships, God is saying I AM the only one who has made an investment or made deposits in you, therefore I AM the only one who can make the withdrawals. The enemy does not have authority to take or carry anything out! God is still in control.  The enemy can only make it look like you have lost or are losing everything. He is a counterfeit. An imposter. He wants to be something he is not.  He’s not God! So stop elevating the devil and elevate God because He is about to reveal and uncover the enemy in the act, while they are trying to get away.

In this season, I don’t care what it looks like or what it feels like, it won’t work!  Trying to make us think we are losing our minds, it won’t work! Trying to make us confused about who we are in Christ, it won’t work! Trying to take our children, it won’t work! Trying to take over homes, finances, health, and marriages, it won’t work! In 2019, stand on the word of God because in this season…it won’t work.

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