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Do You Really Want To Get Well?

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

In John 5:1-9, this is a story regarding a man that had been lame for 38 years! As I was reading this story, there were four things that spoke to me about this scripture:

  1. You were chosen out of the crowd because Jesus sees you.

  2. Just because you do not know how to answer Jesus, does not mean He will not heal you.

  3. Your healing is not going to come the way you expect it to come

  4. No matter what your issue is, no matter how long you've had your issue, Jesus can heal you immediately and completely.

The scripture stated that Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem and in Jerusalem there was a pool called Bethesda where laid a large number of disabled, blind, lame and paralyzed. Out of that crowd Jesus saw the lame man. Now, I had to get clarity on lame and paralyzed because they seem similar but they are very different. Lame means unable to walk without difficulty as the result to an injury or illness which affects your ability to walk or move. Paralyzed means that you are partly or wholly incapable of movement. One can't move and the other, you are hindered from moving. On is incapable of movement and the other you're capable but just can't move right now. Out of the crowd, out of the noise, out of all the cries, Jesus still saw the lame man and He sees you today. Jesus didn't ask the basic information gathering questions because he already knew, but as believers we must know all the who, what, when, where, how, and sometimes why before we would even consider helping. The lame man situation was a desperate, in the words of Johnny Taylor, "Everything was out in the open." Everyone saw it, but they all ignored it.

Jesus understands the need. Jesus sees your pain, your hopelessness, your struggle, He sees your need. This was the third of the seven signs of Jesus' Divinity from changing water into wine to raising Lazarus from the dead. Just know you are next in line for your miracle! You are number 3!

When Jesus asked the lame man, do you want to get well? The lame man began to complain and blame or make excuses on why he couldn't get to the pool. Basically he said that I'm trying but everyone is going ahead of me. Jesus could have just walked away at this point because the lame man did not answer his question, but because of his grace and mercy, Jesus did it anyway! He healed us when we didn't know who to call on because He is our Jehovah Rapha. The One who heals. He did it anyway.

The lame man wanted to be healed like everyone else, but Jesus saw fit for him to have a supernatural healing in the presence of others. In the presence of the same people that saw him suffering, that walked over him to get their healing and in the same manner they saw his suffering out in the open, Jesus is going to heal and restore you out in the open. People talked about your suffering now they are going to talk about your restoration.

This man suffered because of his sins, and he laid in it for 38 years. Jesus saw it was long enough and he healed him immediately and completely. I don't know what sins this man did that had him lame for so long, but what about your unforgiveness, your addictions, your backbiting, etc. no matter what it is take it up today and walk! This was an invitation for healing and restoration. Not just physical healing but also emotional healing and most of all spiritual healing.

Why was it important for the lame may to take up "his bed" and walk? This was a command to take up and never return. When Jesus heals you there is no relapse. A bed is made for joy, comfort, and/or rest. It should be also a place of peace. When we are sick where is the first place we go to? When you're angry? When you're heartbroken? When you want to cry to yourself? When you don't want to be bothered? What about when you have done something wrong against your spouse? We generally take all of our problems to the bed, and then we lie in it. Even if it's not our intentions of doing so. The bed hindered the man from movement, and it hinders you too. What bed have you made today? A bed of guilt, shame, anger, bitterness, or unforgiveness. No matter what it is, take it up and walk! This bed was a reminder where he came from and where he never wanted to return to!

I can relate to this man's need for physical healing, emotional, and spiritual healing. As a little girl I used to have seizures. That made me lame. In 2020 I had Covid-19 and thought I was going to die. In 2022 blood clots almost took my life. In 2023 diagnosed with cancer. They all had me lame for a moment. In 2014, I was asked, "Do you want to get well?" I wasn't ready. It took me three more years to take my bed up an walk. My sins of unforgiveness from childhood trauma had me lame. My sins of blaming others for what happened to me had me lame. I was angry with God for allowing those things to happened had me lame. I no longer am lame because Jesus healed and restored me anyway. Do you really want to get well?

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