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I'm Not Going In CYCLES

This song by Johnathan McReynolds, "Cycles" has resonated in my spirit all week and I had been in prayer for some people and it seemed that I had been in prayer for the same people about the same things year after year. I have heard this song probably once or twice but I did not really know the lyrics. So, I looked them up and listened to the song again. This song is beautiful and very much a right now word.

It's starts off with a question, "Didn't I conquer this last year? Tell me what I missed 'cause I fear that it's coming back up again." I know some of you may have asked yourself this question because things keep coming up over and over again; year after year, but you have to declare, but I'm not going in cycles. The enemy wants you to be fearful and make you believe that those things that you are free from are coming back again. The depression, the same toxic relationship, the abuse, the anxiety, or the sickness. The song goes on to say:

The devil wants to extend the game, free throws

And when it ends he wants to make the sequel 'Cause if he has another chance He feels like he can take My joy, my peace, my faith

Scripture tells us in John 10:10 that the thief comes to kill, steal, and destroy. The devil wants to kill your joy, steal your peace, and most of all destroy your faith. He wants to delay you from your purpose. He wants you to focus on the bad and not the good. He wants to focus on your issue or problem and not focus on God and how He will never leave nor forsake you. But the second part of that scripture reassures us that the Great I Am, comes that you might have life, and that you might have it more abundantly.

So if you feel that you are going in cycles there is something you have not done or have not learned. The song continues tells us why this happens because the devil learns from your mistakes even if you don't. This is what keeps you in cycles. Cycles are defined as a series of events that are regularly repeated in the same order or to move in or follow regularly repeated sequence of events. Let yesterday be the last day that you have moved in or followed repeated events that are going nowhere. We declare and decree in the Name of Jesus to break every cycle in your life and in your children's lives. We are giving every cycle that has kept us from our assignment an expiration date of 11/19/2021 because we are not going in cycles. This will only happen when the enemy knows when you are SURE that you are not going in cycles. This will END like I want it to, I WIN!

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