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Just Do It.

For the last few months, I had been beating myself up about procrastinating on things that God has told me to do. I've gotten a venue, contacted people, but something still didn't feel right. At least to me, there was something missing and I wanted to make sure that I did everything according to what God had given me. Well, I still haven't done so much including marketing the event, contacting a few more people, etc. So as I was talking to one of my dear friends, which happens to be a minister, I told her that God is going to give me clarity this weekend. Well it came sooner than I thought.

Today, as I was getting ready for work the message came. For many that know me, I don't where sneakers very often and I decided to put on my black and gold sneakers my daughter had purchased for me years ago. There they were in the back of my closet and still looked new. I just wanted to be comfortable, but God had other plans for the almost new shoes that I hardly wore. As I was putting on my shoes, loosening the strings so I could put my foot in and there it was on the tongue of the shoe in bright gold letters shining like a neon light, Just Do It. I couldn't do anything but laugh with a sigh of relief because it's just that simple. Just Do It. God is not making the assignments hard, I am. When I got to work I told another co-worker what happened and she said, "And it's on your feet. That means you got to move. See you in October."

I am a true over thinker when I have an assignment to the point that I don't want to do it any more. I realized that's what the enemy wants. Understand today, Satan does not want you to overcome your fears. Satan does not want you to be delivered. Satan does not want you to tell your story. Satan does not want you to succeed. Satan does not want you to move because if you don't move, whatever God has told you to do, it will not get done. Simple.

This message is to the ones that are about to give up on what God has told you to do. The message is simple... Don't Quit! Just Do It... period!

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