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The Impossible Possible

Have you ever experienced an impossible possible? It's impossible for you, but it's not impossible with God. All last week and all weekend long I have experienced and have heard testimonies of many impossible possible. I spoke to a friend and she said, "Girl I know that's hard." I told her, "It's hard, but it's not impossible." In our minds we have counted those hard trials and tests as impossible or this will never happen for me and my family because "I" didn't do this or "I" didn't do that. Guess what you are right! You cannot do these things in our own strength, but with God all things are possible. We can get so caught up in trying to do it ourselves and not even considering that we can't, but God can. Scripture tells us in Matthew chapter 19 verse 26 that; "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." He is the impossible possible.

I have realized this NOW, more than ever before. We magnify the IMpossible; when we should magnify our God to make those impossible possible. When Jesus stated, "With man this is impossible", His message was that man cannot save themselves and only through God's will man can be saved. Now I know you are probably saying this scripture is about salvation. Yes, this particular scripture is about salvation, but I do believe that it continues on saying, "But with God ALL things are possible. So, when you have an impossible rebellious child and you do not know what to do; remember with God all things are possible. When your impossible marriage has taken a turn for the worse and looks like no hope of return; remember with God all things are possible. When your impossible finances are out of control or impossible job situation is unbearable or your impossible health declines; remember with God all things are possible. I also have realized in order for our impossible to become possible, one must make a sacrifice. You will have to give up something to follow Christ. The rich young ruler did not want to give up his riches. What are your riches that you do not want to give up? Our children, our money, our jobs, our eating habits all have become our riches. Things that we treasure more than God. Things that we do no want give up for God to make our impossible possible. Don't you know, there is nothing is too hard for God?

Today, I surrender all to Him. God can and will turn every impossible situation to us, into a possible victory for Him. We just have to give it to Him. I don't know what your situation is but I know today and everyday the Great I AM is my impossible possible.

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